Love Notes


“What did it mean to me to choose to birth my baby at home? Simply, homebirth gave me something I did not even realize had been taken away. A gift beyond imagining, as a woman, as a mother, as a human being. It is an awesome gift in every respect; to the whole family, mending one mother at a time all the losses humanity suffers. A deep healing connection in a culture bent on disconnecting us from our souls, ourselves and each other. That is the gift home birth was to me and my family.”
Annie and Brian

“When we were pregnant with our third baby, we knew we wanted this one to be a homebirth. Emme had been our doula with our first two sons and now that she was a midwife, we knew it was meant to be. We worked with Emme and Clare, and they provided us top notch care. At all of our prenatal care appointments they took their time and really made sure we felt secure and comfortable with everything. They always made sure to include our older boys in everything, which was important to us.. We never felt rushed. Everything was thoroughly considered, from my diet to how we would include our older sons in the birth, how our own relationship dealing with the stresses and most importantly an emergency back up plan. No detail was too small, and we were constantly amazed by the amount of knowledge the two carried between them!

We felt so safe and secure during our birth. Emme and Clare lovingly attended to every detail, but still gave me the freedom to do what I needed to do while laboring. We were able to just relax and focus on our baby and our own needs. Everything we wanted was taken into consideration, and our birth went exactly as we had hoped it would. Even though this was our third baby, Emme and Clare still took so much time to make sure that we were healthy, comfortable and had all that we needed. They took care of both our physical health and our emotional and family needs. The amount of love and care that these women put into the families they serve is truly stunning! We were thrilled with our entire experience.”
Rebecca and Matt

“I am very, very happy with the care I received from Emme and Clare. As a parent I make not-so-great decisions daily (don’t know how the kids survive…), but the decision to have a homebirth with Trillium is one decision that I am truly proud of. One decision where I really did my research and made a choice based on what I believed would be the safest way for my daughter to be born. She could not have gotten a better start in life.

The prenatal care was absolutely wonderful. Our 2-year-old loved the appointments and constantly kept talking about Emme and Clare. Imagine prenatal appointments that you can bring a very active 2-year-old to without it being the least bit stressful! But besides that, I very much appreciate how they helped us make truly informed choices about everything from prenatal testing to vitamin K, and always respected our decisions. I am also forever grateful for how they helped me deal with fears that I had not really admitted to myself before.

I had a beautiful birth, and after the birth I had six weeks of excellent postpartum care.
Our daughter is living proof of the level of that care. Our first-born lost a lot of weight after birth and didn’t get back to his birth weight until he was three weeks old. Those three weeks were some of the most stressful I have ever experienced. This time, with the advice and support from my Trillium midwives, the first few weeks were wonderful. Our daughter gained weight so well that I was absolutely astonished, and I really believe the difference was that this time I was taken care of, so that I could take care of my daughter.”
Lina and Jeff

“Clare and Emme bring a deep inner wisdom to birthing families. All babies should be brought into the world surrounded by such love!

We had always been intrigued by the idea of home birth but for our first baby decided to birth at the hospital. Well into my pregnancy though, we decided to pay attention to that continuing curiosity about home birth. We interviewed Clare and Emme—just to learn more information—and nearly jumped out of our skin with excitement by the time we finished our meeting. We felt confident in their skills and in the level of care they would provide. We had found our birthing “dream team!” At 30 weeks we transferred our care from a local hospital midwifery clinic to the Trillium Midwives, deciding to bring our first baby into the world at home. It was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made and we can’t wait to hire them when we get pregnant again.

Our prenatal and postnatal care was personalized and we never felt rushed through appointments. That felt like a luxury compared to the hospitalized approach, but we also realized that in an ideal world, this kind of care is what all birthing families deserve! We looked forward to every visit with Clare and Emme. They bring so much joy to every appointment, while simultaneously brimming with knowledge (both book and intuitive), answering all of our questions and providing excellent care to me and my baby. After our baby was born, I was thankful to have regular visits and phone contact until I reached six weeks postpartum. It was a gift to know that I always had someone to call with questions—and believe me, as a new mama there were a lot of questions!
During my difficult labor, it was the knowledge, strength and confidence of these women by my side that carried me through. My hope is for every birthing woman to feel as safe, secure, loved and supported as I did with these amazing midwives.

Though my birth ended with a non-emergency hospital transfer, I still had an amazing birth experience, and it is in large part due to the Trillium midwives. My midwives stayed by our sides, continuing to fill me with the confidence that I could birth my baby naturally—which I did!”
Alisa and Jeff

“My son was born swiftly into my arms on a beautiful summer afternoon with my women folk surrounding me and a breeze blowing through my open windows. I hesitate, only slightly, to use the word perfect. It was a gift to be able to birth my way from start to finish with advice, care and compassion from my midwives throughout my journey. My body and my baby were my guides. There is little in life more special than the birth of your own child – and to do so with the help of my trusted midwives in my own home made it divine. ”
Annie and Bridget