Why choose home birth?

Increasingly, many families are choosing to birth their baby in the comfort and safety of their own home. What a wonderful decision to birth where you feel the safest and have complete control over who is with you as you welcome you new baby. Many families choose home birth to avoid routine medications and interventions that are present in hospital birth settings. At home you can be assured of who attends you, who is invited, what you eat and drink, and how you are cared for before, during and after your birth.

Is home birth safe?

Although the safety of homebirth is still hotly debated subject, there are many well researched studies that show that giving birth at home is as safe as a hospital setting for low risk women planning a healthy pregnancy. Your midwives are trained in normal birth.

What about an emergency? What happens then?

True emergencies are very rare. Your midwives are well trained to recognize when things are not normal and to act swiftly and competently. We carry the very same medications to stop hemorrhage that the hospital uses and we are trained in CPR and advance neonatal life support and emergency birth procedures. We carry oxygen and are prepared to resuscitate a newborn at every birth.

How do I pick a midwife?

Birthing women in the Twin Cities are fortunate to have so many choices for their maternity care. Home birth midwives feel strongly that a good fit is of the utmost importance when choosing care. We provide a complimentary consultation visit so you can meet us in our prenatal space and get all your questions answered. Please bring your partner and all your questions to this visit. Children are always welcome.

What about my older children and other family members. Can they be present at my birth?

This is your birth in your home. We consider ourselves guests when we are asked to attend a woman in birth. Who you invite to your birth is your choice. We will help guide you in preparing your children. They can be valuable and cherished members of the birth. Anybody attending a birth need some preparation and knowledge of your expectations. We can help you set boundaries with friends and family, prepare your children for the birth and to create the ideal atmosphere for your baby’s birth day.

What if I need hospital care?

Occasionally it becomes necessary to transfer care to a hospital provider during your pregnancy or to transport you and or your baby in labor or in the postpartum period. We have several wonderful supportive health care professionals we consult with if this should happen. If you need to birth in a hospital we accompany you and stay with you until you have birthed. We continue our excellent postpartum care in your home during your postpartum time.

Does my baby need to see a doctor after the birth?

Midwifery care includes caring for you and your baby for about six weeks after the birth. We monitor weight gain, nursing and normal newborn behavior. Unless you are opting for certain vaccinations, it is not necessary for you to bring your baby to a doctor in the first six weeks. We will perform the Newborn Metabolic Blood Spot Test (PKU), hearing screen and the Critical Congestive Heart Defect (CCHD) screening in your home or you may bring your baby to a clinic. These screenings are performed in the first days of life. If your midwives have concerns about your baby’s health or well being, she will refer you to an appropriate health care provider.

What supplies do I need to have home birth?

We ask that you purchase a small birth kit available online. This includes some disposable items and several things that are harder to obtain locally. Many other items that we like you to have on hand are things that you probably have in your home. If you are planning a water birth you need to purchase a new tub liner, new hose to fill the tub and an adaptor to attach to the faucet.

Does Insurance cover home birth?

We can never guarantee that your private insurance company will cover the cost of your home birth. We work with a home birth insurance biller that helps families file a claim to their insurance company. We ask that we be paid our fee by your 36th week of pregnancy. BIlling is done after the birth and in some cases it may take up to a year to recover some of the costs of your home birth.

Birth is messy, who cleans up?

We admit it, sometimes birth is messy, but it isn’t nearly as messy as you may think it is. We do a pretty good job of containing the ‘festival of fluids’ that are present during a birth and we do the clean up after your baby is born. We don’t leave your home till the birth room is cleaned, the laundry is done and you have eaten a good meal.