The Day Walter Arrived

It was May 9th, 2010, my due date. One of the things I love about the end of pregnancy is that you wake each day not knowing if your world will change that day. I had woken each day for the past few weeks with that thought, but on my due date I thought, “Well, not today.” Less than five percent of babies are born on their due date, so I figured if there was any day when I wouldn’t … read more

Emaline’s Birth Under a Blue Moon

Our second pregnancy was accidental. Jason and I had been indecisive for several years about whether and when to have a second child. But we were thrilled when we saw the positive pregnancy test. We knew right away that we wanted to have this baby at home. The hospital birth of our son five years earlier was a lovely and natural water birth but we couldn’t help but feel that it had been unnecessary for us to be in the … read more

Aylas’ Birth Story

I was 8 weeks pregnant at my first OB visit, and I was in shock. My OB, who had been so positive about doing a VBAC after my son’s birth by Cesarean, was now going through the list of “can and cannot’s” about my “trying” for a VBAC. “You can’t be more than one day overdue. The baby can’t be more than 9lbs.” And the list went on. I was devastated. After educating myself about the VBAC realities I knew … read more

Born At Home- Jamie’s Birth

Labor started just as I had expected- in the middle of the night and straight to active labor. I woke up at 1:40 am on April 22nd (12 days past my due date) having painful contractions that were 2 minutes apart and lasting about 30 seconds. For the first 20 minutes or so the pain was just in front, but quickly spread to my back which was to be expected since the baby had been in the face-up (OP- occiput … read more

Georgia’s Birth Story

Not too many days ago Georgia Grace was better known by a number of names… the baby, it, him/her, and Chuffy… a name lovingly bestowed by Mark. He claimed that Chuffy is good for a boy or a girl, infinitely adaptable… chufferton for more formal occasions, Chuffita for a girl, Chuff-a-roni, etc)! This was our first pregnancy and we didn’t want to know the baby’s sex so there was also a poll with family member’s votes. There were more girl … read more

Fritz’s Birth Story

It was the last night I expected my baby boy to show up. I figured it would be at least another few days. At soccer my friends teased me about my aching back, “Oh, you’re in labor for sure!” “I’m just tired, this baby is taking it’s own sweet time. It’ll be a few days” I replied. And I cheered on my son’s soccer game, noting a few inconsistent contractions throughout the game. We were home by 7:30 and Matt … read more

The Birth of Milo Paul

For a couple of days leading up to my labor, I had started to feel a little different – though not really in a way I could easily describe. It was just a feeling that things would happen soon. Paul also sensed that something was up, and commented that I even looked different. We had been going through a small to-do list of things to try to get done before the baby came, and Paul finished the last item on … read more

Axel’s Birth Story

Axel’s birth was fast and furious! On Thursday night I had a midwife appointment, but after a day of shopping I was feeling tired and also started feeling sick. So I called and canceled the appointment and went to bed to rest. Sure enough, I opened my eyes at 2:20 in the morning to feel my bag of waters releasing. A lot of fluid came rushing out as I woke Dave—“it’s go time, honey!” I also promised 3 year old … read more

Making Leo: Erin shares Her birth story

Each time I tell my birth story it feels like an honor. I truly enjoyed giving birth – and being pregnant, for that matter. I’m super aware that many people do not have positive birth or pregnancy experiences and I’m not trying to be one of those annoyingly self-righteous parents who judges everyone that doesn’t have an orgasmic home birth. But, my birth experience was really great and special to me, far and away the best day of my life. … read more

Esther’s Birth Story

Esther’s birth story really begins with the birth of Finn, her big brother. Finn was born in a hospital and caught by a doctor. I wouldn’t call his birth traumatic, but there were enough annoying things about the care that I knew I didn’t want to have our next baby in a hospital. It was a long labor that felt even longer because we spent all of early labor at the hospital, which meant a lot of pressure from the … read more